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Kaziklu Prenses

In the year 1463 Prince Dracula did many strange and terrible things...

14 December 1985
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Vital Stats:

Name: Heather

Nicknames: HEN, kittone

D.O.B. Dec 14, 1985

Hair: Red/ Strawberry Blonde, curly

Eyes: green

Heritage: Scottish, Irish

I speak English, Je parle Fançais, Hablo Español, Nihongo o benkyoshimasu ^_^

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I'm Heather! I have best friends tato_chan, pin_x,Krista and Leah. I have SPED friends, and to all the others in between I love you ! I'm currently a final year SMU student in the Bachelor of Arts program. I work at our nations greatest coffee chain Tim Hortons. I have a love for all things British comedy, Anime, and Music. I have unhealthy obsessions with Conan O'Brien, House, MASH, and The Daily Show. You can see the rest of my likes below.

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